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The Golden Notebook... Woodstock's Book Store

The Golden Notebook... Woodstock's Book Store

A town full of writers needs a good bookstore. And, with Woodstock’s eternal animus against development and corporatism, we can’t make do with a Barnes & Noble. So, we have The Golden Notebook, a fixture in town for decades.

The store’s name is very appropriate for Woodstock, since it is derived from a Doris Lessing novel. Lessing, of course, was a communist for much of her life, and Woodstock remains a harbor for communists to this day. Even more ironic… Lessing renounced her communism, and denounced the man hating of contemporary feminism.

This message has not penetrated Woodstock, which refuses to confront its communist past and its bitter, anti-male feminism.

You might be surprised to discover that “War & Peace,” by Leo Tolstoy, is the #4 selling hardcover book in the store. (Tolstoy was the mystical liberal of the years leading up to the Russian revolution. Dostoevsky, the crabby conservative of Russian literature, is probably not a local favorite.) I’m not at all surprised that “Puff the Magic Dragon,” by Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary, is the #1 selling children’s book.