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Friday, October 29, 2010


metal rooster


Richard Kraus

Well put.

What could anyone complain about here?

You're not even shouting LOL.

Walter Stevens

Yes your totally right, stand up to a bully on their own and beat the c..p out of them, bullies only feel brave in a group.


Bullys are people with weak minds and poor social skills. Any kid who can internalize this at a very young age will suffer far less from it. Verbal bullying can be almost as bad as physical abuse, and it is harder to deal with without resorting to violence. The key is self-confidence, but that is rare in pre-teens these days. No laws will stop it. Only good parents and a quick wit. You'll develop the thick skin just like you develop callouses.

Luke Lea

Self-defense is relatively easy if you are big, strong, agile, three-sport star. What about the rest of us?


Well said, Shouting Thomas.

Luke, if you're not a big strong athlete, it's okay. Just try and put your fist into their brain by way of their nose. Or kick them in the balls. Either way works.

For me, it was a fastball in the small of their back. I was a pitcher, and if someone came to bat that I didn't like, or who treated me poorly, a fastball in the backside worked like a charm.


True. True.

We moved alot when I was growing up. Every new school meant a bully was going to seek me out to prove himself. About the 5th grade, I made the decision to kick the @ss of the first person who said something to me sideways. They did, I did, and it worked. At every new school from then on, I never had a problem after I put a blindsided savage beating on the first person to talk sh1t to me.

I passed this rule to my son: If you ever hear "I heard you were talking about my mama...", you beat that kid until he's bloody. He doesn't have problems either.

Luke Lea

Braggadocio rules!


I'm not that old, I just was in high school in the 90s. Nobody even knew what anyone's sexuality was, because we didn't talk about that; I'm straight, but nobody would have even known the difference if I didn't tell them.

And in fact, the kids who were more likely to be bullied were the ones who stuck themselves out as conservatives or especially religious. They were the most likely to be viewed prejudicially as "bad people". There was no prejudice towards gays at all.

The school was also very liberally oriented; it organized a Gay Pride week, and, being in Los Angeles, we had walkouts in protest of anti-illegal immigration ballot initiatives. A teacher was fired because in some class discussion it came up that she was a Christian, and in line with those beliefs she believed you could only be saved if you were of her faith; a student complained about her. Meanwhile, I had a government/economics teacher who was a self-professed Maoist, and had us read sources which cited the Communist Party newspaper.

I see more of this in current gay pride politics and anti-bullying campaigns. The same people who clothe themselves as anti-bullying crusaders act as the biggest bullies. Dan Savage, for example, who has advocated "outing" closeted gays, and pushed for creating "santorum" as a pejorative term. Prop 8 opponents went to court to be able to publish the names and addresses of people who supported the proposition, and put up a website, , where people could see where they live. Many of these individuals got death threats, and denied jobs. Now, some people are trying to drag Michelle Bacchmann into an anti-bullying campaign.

I'm against anti-gay bulling, I think everyone is, no matter if they're a conservative or a liberal. In fact against any bullying at all; I see no reason to distinguish anti-gay bullying from the rest of it. These people who go on anti-bullying crusades need to commit to be against bullying conservative also, or reveal themselves to be hypocrites and politically motivated.


Today you're supposed to meekly accept the beating. Fighting back? That's only for *other* people: rednecks, ghetto gangbangers, schizophrenics, drunken fratboys.

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