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Friday, August 03, 2007


christopher cole

I read with great interest your post on Father Farncis and the Summer of Love. Thank you for mentioning my novel.There is not a day which goes by that I do not think about the events of forty years ago and how dramatically they shaped my life. My closest friend Frank(deceased)who is the narrator of my book and also a close early disciple of Fr. Francis, is in my thoughts constantly. As you know it was at the Woodstock Festival in White Lake that a young girl jumped onto the back of my motorcycle and remains my wife to this day. Recently I returned and made peace with the Buddhist Temple atop Meades Mountain and scaled Lookout Mountain. There is a spiritual force and power which flows through that region and is concentrated on that mountain, and The truth is ...the mud of Woodstock still squishes between my toes!
Peace and Love,
christopher cole

christopher cole

It's all Slippin away....First a Buddhist temple is built atop Meades Mountain outside of the Town of Woodstock which eclipses The Church Fr. Francis built there. Then the Jerry Foundation builds a theatre on the Woodstock site. Now Max's Farm is up for sale. I'm getting old, and the past is slowly slippin away. Yet the mud of woodstock still squishes between my toes, albeit a little crusty.

Shouting Thomas

Yes, I'm just an old man now, too, Chris. Hard to believe.

When Father Rod was here, I was telling him about all the friends, enemies, comrades and fellow musicians who have made their way to the Other Side.

Some mornings I wake up and wonder why I am still here. It is often very lonely, especially without Myrna.

And, yet, new people keep showing up, and I have so much to do that I can't keep up.

When will you call my name, Lord? When will you call my name?

christopher cole

After cutting through some red tape and with much anticipation I finally receieved the 1970's 45 minute interview with Fr. Francis on VHS from the Woodstock library this morning. I played the tape and although emotionally moving, I was a bit disappointed hoping the tape would have more
in depth content. The tape was very general and dealt mainly with Fr. Francis' involvement with Clarence Darrow and the Scopes trial, and his residency in NYC. He touched briefly on his association with socialist party members and the likes of William Brown and Father Divine. Scenes were also shot of services held at the church and for the time it was a fairly good media piece. It further underscores the necessity of meeting with Michael Esposito to learn more...

Steve Manelski

Thomas: I knew Father Francis quite well. When I received my draft notice, and knew that I would be going to Vietnam, he offered to intercede on my behalf and get me out of the draft-something I knew he could have done.I declined his offer, because my dad had survived the attack on Pearl Harbor and then went into the submarine service in the Pacific for the balance of the war. Nevertheless, we exchanged letters and our mutual faith throughout my tour over there. I went up to visit him when I came home. He was a true Christian.

Hosteen Joe

I stumbled upon this place on an lsd trip in 69. A young man in a monk's robe gave my friend Liam and I a tour. He called Fr Francis "the Papa" and said he was his student. It was an amazing place, I will never forget it. I used to work at the NYC Police hotel outside Tannersville. Great memories.

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